Buy one year of use with only 5990円

You are living in Japan, and the cost of Internet services hurts you, you have to think a lot about internet services in Japan, especially because the price is expensive. Sim Data 1GB is a great choice for you.

1GB high speed Sim card / month. However, it is still possible to use facebook at high speed, call facebook and phone calls over the internet, playing mobile games very smoothly.


  • High speed 650mbps
  • Slow speed 43mbps
  • A warranty card is used for exactly 1 year
  • There is warranty card of our company

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    Iphone InternationalIphone Lock ( Buy more Unlock Sim 980円)Androin internationalAndroin Lock Sim ( Can not use )

    We will quickly transfer to you in the form of Daibiki, the shipping fee is 1500円
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