Instructions to Pay Smartpit Code at Comnbini


Step 1: Press 「金融サービス/国際送金など」

Step 2: Click 「スマートピット」

Step 3: Click 「確認」OK

Step 4: Enter 13 digits of Smartpit code (Note the correct input that HALLO provided) then select 「OK」

Step 5: Select the content you want to pay and then select 「OK」

Step 6: Confirm the content to pay and then select 「OK」

Step 7: Wait for the printer to print the payment slip => Take it to the payment counter to pay, then take a photo of the invoice and send it back to HALLO.


Step 1: On the screen, select 「各種番号をお持ちの方」(ID and password).

Step 2: Enter the Smart Pit code (13 numbers) by clicking on the screen.

Step 3: After entering the Smart Pit code (13 digits), click the 「次へ」 button to continue to the next step.

Step 4: On the new screen, 2 options are displayed. Please select 「スマートピットお支払い」(Pay with Smart Pit)
※When you enter less than 13 numbers or enter incorrectly, the screen showing the option 「スマートピットお支払い」(Pay with Smart Pit) will not be displayed. In that case, press the 「前へ」 or「前に戻る」 button to return to re-enter the Smart Pit code (13 digits).

Step 5: Your payment information will be displayed. If the information is correct, click on the check box on the screen to choose the payment.
※ In case there are many unpaid invoices, all invoices will be displayed on the screen.

Step 6: After completing the payment request selection, press the 「確定する」 button at the bottom corner of the screen to confirm.

Step 7: Reconfirm the payment information, and then press the 「確定する」 button to confirm.

Step 8: Then, the machine will print out a payment slip for you. Please review the ticket to make sure that there is 「スマートピットお支払い申込券」 printed on it. Then, bring that voucher to the store staff at the checkout counter to process the payment.
※Note: the voucher is only valid for 30 minutes after being printed. Therefore, please make your payment within 30 minutes after the voucher is printed at the checkout counter in the store.

Here is a video tutorial.

Thank you for trusting in using HALLO’s service.

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