Instructions for Login and View Number of My Application 050

Hello Hallo Customers. Today Hallo will guide all ways to log in and see the number 050 in the My 050 app.
Everyone please see the image below for instructions to install and use.

Step 1: Enter the account provided from Hallo.
Note: Please enter the correct password provided, if you enter the wrong password, you can still log in, but cannot use it.
Tips: Should change the keyboard to English when entering a password

Step 2: Check if the login is successful or not
Note: If the word My 050 is blue, you have successfully logged in and used it
If My 050 is red, you cannot use . Maybe you entered the wrong password
Tips: If the word My 050 is red, then you log out or delete the application, then reload the application and enter the correct password provided by HALLO (In case you change your password and do not remember it, we will not responsible )

Step 3: After successfully logging in, click My Account to see your 050 number

Step 4. Click on “Number 050”

Step 5. Enter the Pin code provided by Hallo then click “Continue”

Step 6. Enter the phone number of the data sim you purchased from HALLO, then click “Send verification code” you will receive a message with a verification code sent to you.
Note: The phone number of the data sim you bought from HALLO can only receive messages but cannot make calls and receive calls. So the My 050 app will create a virtual number for you to listen and call.

Step 7. Enter the verification code that the switchboard sent to your message, then enter your gmail account and click “Next”

Step 8. Once done, the screen will show your 050 first phone number, you can give it to your friends and colleagues to receive incoming calls.
Note :

  • This number at the beginning of 050 can only make and receive calls, but cannot send and receive messages
  • App My 050 must be used by internet, if your phone does not have internet, this application will not work
  • If you do not use and do not recharge within 1 year, your account will be disabled

Thank you for following the tutorial of Hallo. Wish you install and use successfully.

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