How to reset Pocket Wifi WIMAX 2+ (WX04)

First, go here to save the wifi password. Take a picture or write a password to the paper

Next go here to delete the installation and restart the device

Next, turn off the device screen and start the installation.
NOTE: During the installation, you must not turn on the wifi display

Please connect your phone, Ipad or computer with Pocket Wifi WIMAX 2+ (WX04), then go to the web browser and enter IP address and follow the instructions

In this step, please enter the wifi password of Pocket Wifi MIMAX 2+ (WX04)

This step, please enter your username as admin, password is password Pocket Wifi WIMAX 2+

All are lowercase, not capitalized

NOTE: All are lowercase, not capitalized

Please click Connection Settings to make sure you have successfully saved the SB configuration

Then, open up the Pocket Wifi device and follow the instructions

After selecting the High Speed ​​Plus Area, wait about 30 seconds, if the display shows HS + A, the device can connect.

Good luck!

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