How to reset Pocket wifi 303ZT & 305ZT device

You should watch this video first then read the instructions below to do it better.

Please follow the photos and video tutorial.
First, follow the instructions to reset wifi first

Please wait for the wifi device to reboot, then you use your phone or computer to catch the wifi of this wifi device (WHEN THIS WIFI DOESN’T COME TO THE NETWORK BUT REQUIRED YOU MUST TAKE THIS WIFI TO CAN INSTALL)
Then go to the web and enter the sequence number to log into the device.
Note: You must exit the main screen and turn off the screen before you can log in to the system. Same as the screen above.

LOGIN PASSWORD IS admin (lowercase)

Please enter these parameters
NOTE: All are lowercase, not capitalized


After you save the settings, the screen shows DATA MAIN LTE (with 303ZT) and YMOBILE LTE (with 305ZT), which means the installation is successful

After that, turn off and turn on the device

Please wait for the wifi device to reboot, then catch the device’s wifi to log in again
Please follow the video and photo tutorial below this video

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