How to reset device W04

Please use a sim or sharp tip to reset the device before starting the installation

Step 1: Go to this section to see the wifi name and password, then connect your phone or computer to this wifi device

Step 2: Please see the IMEI line behind the device, the last 5 digits in the IMEI line will be the password to login

Step 3: Go to your web browser and enter IP address and enter your username and password as shown below.

USER NAME: admin

PASSWORD:  Last 5 digits of IMEI

Step 4: After clicking OK, the screen will return to the login section and you should log back in as user name and password as step 3

USER NAME: admin

PASSWORD:  Last 5 digits of IMEI

Step 5: Enter the parameters as shown below
NOTE: Only lower case, no capitalization

After entering the parameters, wait 3 seconds and re-open the wifi device screen

After you complete the above steps, your wifi device will show up again and can be used normally.
If you still don't see the wave, go back to the beginning of the article and follow the instructions again

Good luck!


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