How to activate a sim card with ICCID

Currently, activating new transplant sim is somewhat more complicated than before, so please take a closer look at the following instructions and follow the steps properly.
Don’t do anything until you finish the tutorial. because support sim can only be done once, if you do it incorrectly, it will be damaged
First, you must configure APN softbank for your iphone first, this is required for all iphone phones that want to use sim softbank. Please see the article and follow the instructions to configure APN Softbank:

After configuring APN, follow these steps:
– Step 1: Upgrade to the latest Ios (currently IOS12.4)
– Step 2: IMPORTANT – Please go to to get the ICCID code (ICCID code is updated daily. Please select 1 of the 3 ICCID lines)
Step 3: Install phone sim with sim card attached to lock
– Step 4: IMPORTANT – Select Edit Iccid When the black board automatically appears.

Step 5: IMPORTANT – Enter the 20-character Iccid code and press Submit. Only 1 time for 1 device, so please do not enter wrong.

  • Step 6: Select the line number 8.TMSI Instructions ICCID and Accept Then, press the HOME key and press Continue. IPHONE will ask you to enter icloud, then enter your Icloud to continue  
    >>> Wait for the iphone to go to the main screen.
    >>> If the recipient receives 3g 4g, leave it intact. on the other hand do the following steps
    – Step 7: Turn off Wifi
    Step 8: Go to settings> Mobile> Mobile data options > Turn on data roaming
    (If you have 3G or 4G or LTE then leave it alone, if not, continue)
    Step 9: Go toSettings> Mobile> Mobile data options> go to On LTE> Select Off
    Step 10: Go to Settings> Mobile phone> Select network> Select Softbank
    (If you have 3G or 4G or LTE then leave it alone, if not, continue)
    If the device says there is NO SERVICE on the signal line, please remove the paired sim, turn off the wifi, do not let the phone connect to the wifi automatically, then install each sim data into the lock phone, do not install the paired sim support, wait 5p to wave and 3G appear and stable, then insert a sim support
    >>> If the device displays Softbank and 3G on the wave column but you cannot access the network, please delete the APN Softbank configuration and reinstall.
    Good luck!

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