Customer tribute December event

💝 Minigame: Choose Number – Win The Right Gift
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🎁 Did you know: This December, in addition to the “Combo 0 Yen” promotion, HALLO also has a Minigame with a total of 10 Man prizes including: Apple watch, Airpods, Magsafe and a series of super valuable vouchers!!!
💁‍♀️ Participants: all HALLO customers
⏰ Time:
* Minigame starts from 1/12 – 20/12
* The lucky draw will be announced in the livestream on December 23
🎉 Especially, the opportunity to receive a series of super hot 1,000¥ vouchers (direct deduction for input fees or monthly fees) when participating in the “Rewarded Quiz” with HALLO too.
📣 With just 3 very simple steps, you have the opportunity to receive a series of super valuable gifts from HALLO!
1️⃣ Step 1: Like fanpage and this post
2️⃣ Step 2: Share the post in public mode
3️⃣ Step 3: Comment the lucky number from 000 – 999 and tag 3 friends according to the syntax
“[Lucky number] @3Friend Example: 012 @Tran Vu @Hana @Van Anh”
💥 Prizes:
🥇 1st Prize: Apple watch SE
🥇 2nd Prize: Airpods 2
🥇 3rd Prize: Magsafe Wireless Charger
⚠️ Note:
* Each customer please choose a unique lucky number (not counting edited comments)
* Prizes will be given to the customer who has the correct or closest to the lucky number
🌈 Thank you for playing games with HALLO and winning gifts!
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Hallo – Internet For Vietnamese In Japan
Address: 114-0015 1-16-2岡田ビル1F
Hotline: 03-5842-1767
Video introducing the mini game program in November for all customers using Hallo’s services

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